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52 Reflexology Healing Techniques

By Kevin and Barbara Kunz

52 handy healing techniques in a portable, easy-to-access format, now refreshed with a new design.

This step-by-step photographic guide shows how reflexology works: by applying pressure to “reflex” points on the hands and feet, you can help to stimulate the body’s natural powers of self-healing.

Medical Applications of Reflexology

By Kevin and Barbara Kunz

Medical Applications of Reflexology, Part 2, Findings in Research about Post-operative Care, Maternity Care, and Cancer Care provides detailed and usable information about the value of reflexology in a medical setting. Reflexology research conducted around the world shows the benefits to patients in three areas: post-operative care, maternity care, and cancer care. Research demonstrates that post surgical patients who receive reflexology work experience significant improvement adding to medical interventions to meet common concerns.


By Kevin and Barbara Kunz

Chair dweller lifestyle, meet your inner cave dweller metabolism. Consider: every footstep is a potential nutrient feeding metabolism and muscle thrown into chaos by sitting too much. The reflex diet tells you how much and how often to use the nutrient potential of and imaginative approach to sitting, standing and walking to re-set the metabolic rhythm and muscular pattern designed by the body’s ancient ancestry. The result is weight control and a lessened risk for chronic, degenerative disease.

Our bodies are designed to move more than is common in our sitting cultures. By following Barbara and Kevin’s guide to un-sitting your life, the reflex actions involved in moving you about get the workout for which they were designed. As a result, metabolic and other processes are practiced adequately to maintain the operation of the body as it is meant to be.

With this book, the focus is on techniques proven by research to elicit healthful responses. Described are how much and how often to put to use techniques for moving more to achieve a sought after result: improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol and other measures of metabolism; reduced risk for heart disease (stroke and heart attack), diabetes, cognitive decline and more; approach to muscular pain, reduced waistline and weight control. Techniques include sitting smart, taking steps, taking breaks, forest bathing (immersion), reflexology mat walking, and reflex therapies (reflexology, yoga, tai chi).


Health at your fingertips
By Kevin and Barbara Kunz

Reflexology is a global best-seller by two of the most-recognized authorities on this holistic therapy. This comprehensive yet approachable guide explains how reflexology works: by applying pressure to “reflex” points on the hands and feet, you can help to stimulate the body’s natural powers of self-healing.

Reflexology features more than 100 step-by-step techniques and treatment sequences, detailed foot and hand reflex charts, and a directory of treatment for 30 common ailments, from back pain to constipation, arthritis to high blood pressure. Visualizations and meditations are suggested throughout, to enhance the healing treatments.

As the first fully-illustrated step-by-step guide, Reflexology remains one of the most trusted resources on this ancient art.

complete reflexology for life

Hands-on treatment for vitality and well-being
By Kevin and Barbara Kunz

This book provides a stylish, accessible guide to the natural therapeutic benefits of reflexology. At its heart is a complete step-by-step reference, demonstrating how to carry out a full foot and hand treatment with clear, annotated photographs that show exactly where to apply pressure and which technique to use where. There are explanations of how to adapt treatments to suit the whole family – including children, babies and the elderly – and treatments for 60 common ailments ranging from arthritis to colic, plus quick-fix tips such as a de-stressing treatment for use in a supermarket queue or busy office.

The Complete Guild to Foot Reflexology

(Third Edition)
By Kevin and Barbara Kunz

The best made better—this, the Third Edition of The Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology, up-dates with new materials the classic text that launched the reflexology industry in 1980. Both a reference work and a teaching tool, best-selling The Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology (Third Edition) includes fully illustrated tools about reflexology’s: history, theory, charts, how to do techniques, and follow-along step-by-step instructions for how to provide a session. A newly expanded section serves as an illustrated reference for where to apply techniques for 90 specific health concerns such as diabetes, heart and constipation. New here is how to become a reflexology sleuth, deciphering the foot through the eyes of the reflexology chart. The reflexology chart comes alive as you are lead through observation of each part of the foot and consideration of each reflex area as projected onto the foot. Follow-along instructions provide step-by-step guidance.

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