Benefits of Walking the Path


Benefits of walking the reflexology path Self-healthcare

By stepping out of the confines of your shoes and varying the walking surface underfoot, you can apply pressure to various reflex areas, which target specific health problems or general health concerns such as tension reduction or circulation problems. Chinese medical experts view tap shek, “stone stepping” as it is called in China, as a means to restore normal blood pressure and lower cholesterol as well as to alleviate chronic pain and treat common diseases.


The Chinese government encourages use of tap shek fitness as a form of overall fitness on par with moderate exercise. It has been shown to increase flexibility and response capability, help in the treatment of osteporosis, relieve back pain and enhance cardiovascular function, according to Chinese magazine and newspaper articles

Healthy aging

For individuals of all ages, walking the reflexology path offers an opportunity for healthy aging. In Asian cultures, aging is seen as beginning with the feet. By providing the benefits of fitness as noted above, reflexology path walking helps mitigate risk factors that lead to unhealthy aging and disease later in life.

Relieving tired feet

For the foot sore individual, taking a break on a reflexology path can be a godsend. The first thing you may notice about path walking is an impact on the feet themselves — relief for tired feet and reduced foot problems.

Improving posture and balance

As noted above, walking the reflexology path contributes to the foot’s and body’s capabilities including better balance, enhanced awareness and strengthened muscles.

Encouraging children’s growth and development

For growing children sensory stimulation of the foot encourages development both physically and mentally. Children’s reflexology paths are found in parks in Korea and schoolchildren in Germany make their won paths by gathering sticks, stones and other elements and arranging them in low-walled boxes.

Uplifting your mood

In study after study, people tell stories of the positive effect walking the reflexology path has on their mood. From China to Japan to the US participants in studies and those who walk the reflexology path report “a general feeling of energy, improved mood, and clear thinking” as well as exhileration, refreshed minds, relaxation and stress reduction.

Enlivened senses

Just as travel broadens your experience, exposure to different surfaces broadens the foot’s experience—resulting in a foot that is less stressed and more capable of working well.