How It Can Help Me


How can reflexology help me?


Whether you’re seeking to relax, renew and rejuvenate or to care for a recent or chronic condition, choosing reflexology helps you take an active role in your health.

From the moment the reflexologist’s hands start their work, the relaxation begins. Studies show this to be true as well as demonstrating that a reflexology session provides a respite from both physical and mental aspects of stress.

Research shows that a single reflexology session:

  • creates relaxation
  • X
  • reduces anxiety
  • X
  • diminishes pain
  • X
  • improves blood flow to the kidneys, intestines, and feet
  • X
  • improves blood flow to parts of the brain corresponding to the reflex areas on the foot
  • X
  • decreases the heart rate and blood pressure
  • X
  • increases oxygen saturation and lowers respiratory rate.


Consider a series of sessions if you have a health concern or if you’d like to help your body work better. Such frequency and consistency help the body do both.

“My feet feel like I’m walking on pillows” is a comment frequently heard following a reflexology session. Foot reflexology makes for happier feet, especially if they face a standing profession or the challenge of finding comfortable shoes.