Getting Results


Getting results with reflexology


Break up stress and do it frequently. This is the key to using reflexology. The pressure techniques of reflexology applied to the hands and feet trigger a relaxation response in the body. Triggering this response regularly throughout the day breaks up patterns of stress, and when these patterns are interrupted enough, the body is conditioned to function better.

Like a successful exercise program, a successful reflexology style includes strategizing how often, how long and how much technique is applied. As a user of reflexology you will have to find the combination that works for you.

As you seek to get results with reflexology, consider what your goal and how to focus on the reflexology solution.

Set a goal for your reflexology efforts

Just as a bite out of an apple is a step toward health, every application of reflexology’s techniques takes a step as well. Focusing on a goal, however, will allow you to be better able to target your concern and get results. Once you see results, you’ll be motivated to do more reflexology. Success will breed success as you reach one health goal and move on to another.

One asthmatic client of Kevin’s, for example, had the goal of being free of the asthma attacks that would wake her during the night in spite of the use of medication. After learning to roll the golf ball on the heel of her hand below her thumbs, She was able to control her attacks and breathe more easily within three minutes of applying it. Fortified by results, she increased her efforts by applying the technique throughout the day. Soon she had achieved her goal.

As you choose a goal or goals, consider the following:

Are you seeking to trigger an overall relaxation response, rejuvenate feet or hands or focus on the health benefits of a reflex effect?

  • If overall relaxation is your goal, you’ll want to apply techniques to the whole foot or hand.
  • X
  • If rejuvenating feet and hands is your goal, focus in on areas that feel stressed.
  • X
  • If you’re seeking to impact a health concern, you’ll want to target the relevant reflex areas. Take a look at a reflexology chart or, to learn more, look at a reflexology book.

Once you’ve decided on a goal, decide to get yourself there!

Choose a reflexology resource

What’s the best resource for you? Is it self-help, at-home help or professional services that will achieve your goal(s)? A reflexologist can serve as a resource ready to educate and help with such decisions.

Be consistent

For best results, apply reflexology techniques to targeted reflex areas consistently. This can be accomplished with self reflexology techniques, those applied by family as well as with the guidance of the professional reflexologist.

Benefits of self reflexology

You yourself can most easily provide reflexology work frequently and consistently, using self applied techniques to break up the stress patterns in your feet and hands. Apply pressure simply using a foot roller or, for the hands, a golf ball. Think morning, noon and night.

Create a reflexology lifestyle

Build reflexology into your life. It is easy to do reflexology while doing other activities. Put a foot roller under your desk at work, use a golf ball on your hands while waiting for the kids at school or do either while watching television. Be creative in how and where you apply techniques but be consistent.

Benefits of family/friend reflexology

Reflexology applied by family or friends provides several benefits: application of pressure techniques, non-invasive touch and an opportunity to visit.

Benefits of a reflexologist visit

The reflexologist can provide you with a relaxing experience, quality technique application as well as educate you in how to do it yourself.

Targeting reflex areas / Learning techniques

For more information about reflexology how-to for self reflexology and working with another, see Books.