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Tuesday, 02 09th

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Urinary tract infection

Urinary tract infection *

24 cases of urinary tract infection were divided into two groups. In the treated group norfloxin and foot massage were used. In the control group only norfloxin was used. Of the treated group, 5 showed immediate amelioration of disappearance of symptoms with 7 showing amelioration or disappearance on the second day. Of the control group 4 showed amelioration or disappearance on the second day and 8 showed amelioration or disappearance on the third day. Foot massage was found to be effective in treating urinary tract infection.

Yu-lian, Zao, "Clinical Observation on Treatment of Infection of Urinary Tract by Foot Massage," (19)96 Beijing International Reflexology Conference (Report), China Preventive Medical Association and the Chinese Society of Reflexology, Beijing, 1996, p. 17

* Controlled Study

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