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Wednesday, 02 10th

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Reflexology and Menopause

Reflexology and Menopause

by Barbara and Kevin Kunz

British researchers found that both foot reflexology and foot massage ... reduced menopausal symptoms of anxiety, depression, hot flushes and night sweats by some 30%-50% of what they were at the outset." Sessions were for 45 minutes, 9 times over 19 weeks (once a week for six weeks followed by once a month for three months).

Korean researchers found statistically significant differences in menopausal symptoms for women who received reflexology twice per week for 6 weeks as opposed to those who had not

Chinese researchers found that daily sessions of 30 minutes for 60 days showed results of: 40% of the women fully recovered (symptoms disappeared, no relapse at 2 months); 48% of the women had significantly recovered (symptoms disappeared, relapse at 2 months but disappeared with more treatment); 4%of the women had effective results (symptoms relieved) and 1 woman had ineffective results.