Complete Reflexology for Life


  The world of reflexology is alive with researched possibilities. Reflexology has the potential to help you on your journey to well being —as well as helping you help others. Researched results from reflexology use include:

  • easing headache and sinus problems,
  • lowering blood pressure,
  • de-stressing,
  • lessening of ...


What does reflexology research show?

Single Cover- Medical Applications 2

  Consider the researched and proven potential of reflexology: Reflexology has been found to be effective during research conducted through hundreds of studies positively impacting: relaxation, pain reduction, recovery from surgery, easier pregnancy, symptoms of physical and mental health concerns, post-operative recovery, cancer care, medical care and how the body works.   Relaxation From the […]

The Possibilities of Reflexology


  Consider the possibilities of reflexology: Connecting with others using reflexology as you help them be well; Taking control of your own well-being using reflexology; Helping your family members or friends through difficult times of health problems with reflexology; Developing a career of hands-on work with others in the field of reflexology. Fond family memories, […]

Un-Sit Your Life


By Kevin and Barbara Kunz Chair dweller lifestyle, meet your inner cave dweller metabolism. Consider: every footstep is a potential nutrient feeding metabolism and muscle thrown into chaos by sitting too much. The reflex diet tells you how much and how often to use the nutrient potential of and imaginative approach to sitting, standing and […]

Longer Second Toe


  Do you have a longer second toe? Much of the world’s population have longer second toes. Longer second toes are not a defect but instead they are a genetic variant.

Inside the Power of Reflexology


  Inside the power of reflexology, an interview with Carol Alt of FOX News.

Golf Ball Technique


  We call this technique the million dollar self help technique because it so valuable in helping a number of conditions like asthma, allergies, sinuses and digestive upset. And the best part is all you really need is a golf ball.

Thumb Walking Technique


  The thumb walking technique is a basic technique of reflexology. It has many advantages and, in this video, is demonstrated by Kevin Kunz, co-author of The Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology with his wife Barbara Kunz.