Reflex “Diet”


Our bodies are designed to move more than is common in our sitting cultures. Chair dweller lifestyle meet the consequences of your inner cave dweller metabolism. Sit too much and the result is potential for a long list of related chronic degenerative conditions: obesity, heart attack, stroke, diabetes Alzheimer’s and more.

There is an answer. Get up and move. Every footstep is a potential nutrient feeding metabolism and muscles thrown into chaos by sitting too much.

Un-sit Your Life! the reflex “diet” solution tells you how to use the nutrient potential of sitting smart and moving as needed to re-set the metabolic rhythms and muscular patterns designed by the body’s ancient ancestry. The result is weight control and a lessened risk for chronic, degenerative disease.

Barbara and Kevin’s guide to un-sitting your life gives your move-about reflex actions the workout for which they were designed. As a result, metabolic and other processes are practiced adequately to maintain the operation of the body as it is meant to be.

What’s it about?

With this book, the focus is on techniques shown by research to elicit healthful responses.

Techniques include sitting smart, taking steps, taking breaks, forest bathing (immersion), reflexology mat walking, and reflex therapies (reflexology, yoga, tai chi).

Described are how much and how often to put to use techniques to achieve a sought after result. Included are: improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol and other measures of metabolism; reduced risk for heart disease (stroke and heart attack), diabetes, cognitive decline and more; approach to muscular pain, reduced waistline and weight control.