Reflexology Paths of Europe


The Reflexology Paths of Europe

By Barbara and Kevin Kunz


Come along with us to view the sights and accounts of Reflexology Path experiences in Europe. Web exploration uncovers a whole world of Barefoot Parks in Germany, Austria and Germany as well as enthusiasts discussing their barefooted experiences.

To say that the development of the Barefoot Park in Germany, Austria and Switzerland is extraordinary is a gross understatement. Barefoot Parks are scattered throughout Germany with many in Austria and Switzerland.

  • From an alpine hike to a developed park-like stroll, the idea of walking on varied surfaces for health has caught hold. The idea is that the “path of the senses” creates a different sensory experience as well as enabling one to “receive a good Reflexzonmassage in natural way.”
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  • The European Barefoot Paths include underfoot materials found in nature: stones, mulch, mud, gravel, sand, grass and water.
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  • Many also include an opportunity to practice balancing, walking on a log for example, or on a log suspended as a rope bridge.
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  • Most include a locker to store shoes at the beginning of the walk and a foot washing station at its completion.
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  • Citizens have campaigned to build a Barefoot Path in their town. •Teachers hold fair-like events, encouraging children to gather materials and place them into a barefoot path, indoors or outdoors, for temporary use. Paths are seen as helping children develop sensory perception and coordination.
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  • Spa towns, known for their waters and mud, construct Barefoot Paths to encourage tourism.


Taking a Virtual Stroll on the Reflexology Paths of Europe

The Web site noted below provides centrally located information and excellent photographs of numerous Barefoot Paths. Locations and pictures of Barefoot Paths; Instructions about how to design a path; How to campaign for one in your town; and How to work with children to build one in a classroom setting.



The Barefoot Path at Soberheim opened in 1992 includes varied surfaces underfoot as one walks through a park-like setting. Surfaces include a segment with stones, mulch and gravel; a loam mud surface replicates the “Sodernheimer cure;” planed tree trunks; gravel; sand; grass; ford a stream; a timber bridge; pedestrian suspension bridge; and a foot washing station. It is visited by 85,000 to 100,000 per season.


Leisure facility at Schillings

A 1.5 kilometer path at a leisure facility near Schillings: “On soft forest soil, grass, sand, Mulch, gravel, round timbers and mud the feet receive a “Reflexzonenmassage,” which goes erfrischend under the skin. A refreshing foot bath in the Flonterbach forms the conclusion.”

A half-hour to 2 hour walk “Barefoot over the lawn, sand, Moos, cool earth, gravel or crusts moves and by the clear Haselbach, where your feet receive a good Reflexzonenmassage in natural way. Barefoot-run as reconciliation for feet damaged by the footwear!”


Barefoot Park at Wenigzell, Austria

“The Barefoot Park in Wenigzell, Steiermark, Austria, is hosting your feet on 3 different routes a total of 30 stations. Experience the nature here, you come into contact with feeling different materials and do your body as well as your soul something good. Bring your circulation going and make sure the blood flow to your veins. Shapes your figure! Treat yourself to a nice trip.”



“The black forests health resort Dornstetten has unexpectedly large success with a barefoot park…

  • “The unusual idea came the city-upper approximately one year ago (1998): At that time they had looked for experts together with tourism – already for months for an idea, as one could probably set the tourism in motion in their air health resort.
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  • The decision fell on the barefoot park. With subsidies of the country bathing – Wuerttemberg was carried out that 500,000 Marks expensive project.
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  •  A direct hit, as already turned out in the first year: Up to 800 persons pilgerten daily to the natural Fussmassage in the north Black Forest. On weekends one counted partly 2,000 visitors.
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  •  Promptly also the overnight accommodation numbers from once 50,000 to 56.000 snapped in one year upward…”none of us thought that it becomes, grants such a success” one also with the tourists- information.”