During Postpartum Recovery


Reflexology helps postpartum recoveryPostpartum recovery, pain and emotional responses are helped by reflexology including:

  • earlier and better lactation
  • earlier postpartum recovery (defecation, urination, return of uterine shape, lochia discharge)
  • significantly lower anxiety and depression
  • improved quality of sleep with a 30 minute reflexology session each evening for 5 days
  • quicker recovery from Cesarean section—lessened pain, shorter time to first urination and first defecation


A better initiation of lactation for the new mother resulted when reflexology was given within 30 hours after delivery for 10 to 15 minutes a day. Initiation resulted at 44 hours in contrast to 67 hours for those who did not receive reflexology.

Significantly lower depression and anxiety resulted when reflexology was provided 6 hours after delivery and then daily. Quicker postpartum recovery resulted for the new mother as well as.

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