The Possibilities of Reflexology



Consider the possibilities of reflexology:

  • Connecting with others using reflexology as you help them be well;
  • Taking control of your own well-being using reflexology;
  • Helping your family members or friends through difficult times of health problems with reflexology;
  • Developing a career of hands-on work with others in the field of reflexology.

Fond family memories, stories of personal resilience and friends helping friends result from reflexology work. Being bribed with lox and bagels to work on her father’s feet on Sunday mornings was among fondest memories of one radio commentator. One woman was called “Foot” instead of “Aunt” by her young niece who delighted in her reflexology work. From friends helping friends in the hospital to individuals seeking to help themselves, reflexology offers help at hand.


Some 40 years had passed since his mother had worked on his feet when he went to bed every night, “but my client had not forgotten”, says Kevin Kunz. “My reflexology work on his feet would put him to sleep in seconds with a smile on his face. He slept so soundly that only his own snoring would interrupt his slumber.”

Pain reduction

Eating particular food while paying pastoral visits would send this minister’s wife to the emergency room with abdominal pain. Learning a reflexology technique allowed her to avoid gastric distress and politely eat the food important to her Indian hosts.

Improved symptoms for a health concern

Desensitized to her asthma medication and unable to breathe at three every morning, Twyllah utilized a self-applied hand reflexology golf ball rolling technique to breathe freely.

Improved post-operative recovery

Concerned that his friend’s release from the hospital after surgery was delayed by constipation, Bob found a reflexology chart on the Internet using his mobile phone, applied reflexology technique to the friend’s hands, and successfully helped his friend go home.

Complement to cancer care

Concerned about helping her sister when she entered hospice care due to cancer, our friend used reflexology to reconnect with her previously estranged sister.

Create easier pregnancy, delivery and postpartum experiences

Jan stepped in to use reflexology successfully when her niece was not adjusting to motherhood well following delivery of her baby.

Enhancement of medical care

Stroke survivor Nadine walked out of the rehab center to her new life at an assisted living facility after reflexology helped her move from being bedridden with a nursing home in her future.

Adjunct to mental health care

A trouble shared is a trouble halved and reflexology proves to lighten the load. The safe, non-invasive touch of reflexology facilitates communication during its use whether by family, friend or professional.

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